Copy Courses

Become your brand's perfect-fit copywriter with these writing & research courses.
Write Like Lightning ⚡
Craft the sales page for your next brilliant idea at the speed of light—without agonizing over what to say or how to say it.
The VOC Research Workshop
Steal my tried-and-true voice of customer research process so you can better listen to your customers, implement their feedback, and grow your sales.
Sales Page Success™ 
Your one-stop-shop to preparing, writing, & designing a sales page that connects, empowers, & converts
Copy Templates

Short on time? Craft compelling copy quickly with these guided templates.
FREE: How to Make Copy Templates Work For Your Unique Brain 🧠
There are loads of copywriting templates on the internet. But knowing which one to choose can be challenging, especially if you're neurodiverse, have limited time, or have never used a copy template before! 
Take this super-quick mini-course to learn what kinds of copy templates to look for & how to choose the best one for your unique brain!
FREE: Mini Welcome Sequence Template 
Give your stagnant welcome sequence the ultimate glow-up with this proven template from a pro copywriter.
Opt-In Page Copy Template
Even when a resource is free, your audience wants to know why they should trust you with their email address—and if what you're offering will actually work for them.  
 Give your next free resource, workshop, or webinar the connection-building copy it deserves with the Opt-In Page Template! 💌
Thank You Page Copy Template
There's nothing worse than being sent to a generic, personality-free thank-you page after excitedly opting into a free resource or making a big purchase.  
(Ok, there are worse things—but it definitely makes all those good feelings fizzle out!)
Keep your customers engaged & feeling all the warm fuzzies about their purchase with the Thank You Page Template! 🙏
Course Sales Page Copy Template
Writing a clear, compelling sales page is no easy feat—especially when a blinking cursor & a blank page are tag-team taunting you. That's where the Course Sales Page Template 💸 comes in!  
It covers the 15 mix-and-match sections that make up a course sales page and is packed with my best research, copy, & design tips to guide you.
Email Sales Sequence for Timed Launches Copy Template
Writing emails is already hard. But writing a well-planned email sequence for a timed launch that also actually sells?!  
 Actually, that's pretty easy when you snag the Email Sales Sequence for Timed Launches Template!  📨 
 (dare you to say that five times fast)
For Service Providers

Courses to help you show up like a pro & stand out from the rest.
Values-Aligned Client Experience Workshop
In this workshop, you'll learn...
  • How to define your values
  • How to create Values in Action statements
  • How to make your clients feel seen, heard, & appreciated
  • Why it's okay to automate parts of your client experience—and how it benefits both you & your client
  • My favorite personal touches that wow clients every time
  • Oodles of ideas for how to make your process magical for your clients

Magically Customized Onboarding Forms 🦄 
Wow your clients with cleverly flexible onboarding forms that don't waste your time or theirs.